Classification of Awards And Trophies - Everything You Need to Know

Classification of Awards And Trophies – Everything You Need to Know

Gone are the days when trophies were limited to big sports events. Football trophies, basketball trophies, tennis trophies, etc. ruled the roost. Corporate trophies were limited in number with few top shots receiving it after a lifetime of toil. However, today trophies have become the most popular way to recognize any person’s hard work and talent. Even if the smallest of an event is held, trophies are given out. Thus no matter what even or competition you are holding, you are bound to require a trophy. Thus it is paramount that you know about the various choices of awards and trophies that are at your disposal. Varied types of awards were given out long before the modern times. In the first ever Olympic games about 2700 years ago, Laurel wreaths were handed out as trophies. Ancient Greeks used to award themselves with remains of wrecked warships. Today, these recognition mediums have come a long way. They are not only attainable and affordable but have become a lot more customizable and personalized as well. Not only are their features much more advanced but they also come in various shapes and materials. Most common used materials are crystal, glass, wood, metal or steel, acrylic, and marble. Based on occasion, budget and other considerations, one can choose the right fit. Every type of trophy has its beauty to flaunt and brag about. While trophies and awards can be classified in various ways, we would explore their classification based on the material used.

Acrylic Awards One of the best material of which trophies are crafted is Acrylic. The material is so good that it used even with plenty of other different materials like paint, furniture and much more. A glassy thermoplastic material, it can be molded to mindboggling forms and shapes. With an incredibly high transparency rate, it is often used in place of glass as a cheaper and better alternative. It is an excellent choice for bulk trophy requirements like giving it out as monthly employee recognition. These are the perfect answer for all those who seek class affordability as well as durability. They look very elegant and never hurt your budget. Glass Awards While cheap acrylic awards may serve the purpose, nothing can touch the class of glass. Glass trophies and awards have always been considered a classic piece. They never look out of fashion and style. Plus, they can be molded into different shapes and forms quite easily. Most big corporate and business houses prefer plaques of glass due to its simple yet sophisticated look. Any written material can be easily engraved or printed on them. They are more expensive than acrylic and thus considered moderately priced but are a class-apart style statement. Crystal Awards Crystal is another very popular material choice for trophies. A significant factor behind it is the pure beauty of the material. Like glass and acrylic, they too can be molded into various shapes and forms. You can always buy ready made pieces or have those custom-made to make them specialized for the event or the award title for which it is to be given. The material can be cut by laser or crafted by hand. They can be easily printed and engraved on. The sheer beauty and elegance of the crystal make it an exceptional choice.

Marble Awards For those who want to leave a great impression, marble awards are a perfect choice. They come highly trendy as they are readily available in a single solid color as well as in a combination of two or three shades. A naturally strong material, its trophies are highly durable. Writings can be easily engraved on them. Marble awards often fall on the expensive side, but they are worth every cent and ideal for any of the big prestigious award ceremonies. With most companies offering “custom-made” options, varied other types of awards are also crafted from other materials as well as using these materials in combination. One can select the best based on budget and occasion.