Owning the Fourth Quarter Before the Game Begins

In today’s world, it is important to be able to compete at the highest level no matter what the arena. It can be something as small as a grade school football game or closing a major deal at a fortune 500 company, winning is the goal. One of the best ways to reach these goals is through hard work and positive motivation. Reaching your goals is rarely easy and at times a competitive advantage can be necessary. A great competitive advantage could be a motivational speaker from the world of sports.

The correlation between sports and business has existed for quite some time. There are many businesses that implement a team like atmosphere for their company. The name supervisor has been changed to team leader and employees are now team members. One of the benefits of creating a “team” like atmosphere is that the employees are encouraged to work together to achieve the company goal. As a company strives to meet aggressive goals, an emphasis has been placed on keeping your team members motivated. Naturally having a famous athlete come in a speak to your group is an excellent way to help build confidence and deliver the company message in a unique way. Pro athletes have long been looked up as role models because of their hard work and dedication to their sport. There is a natural appreciation for an athlete who defies the odds to do something extraordinary. It can be an athlete who suffered and horrible injury but was able to rehab and come back better. Whatever the story, these lessons about the athlete’s perseverance can serve as major motivational tools.

While stories of an athlete overcoming major obstacles can be extremely motivating, athletes winning it all can be equally motivating. Businesses want to be successful and certainly, want to obtain the goals they set for the company. Most athletes will tell you there is more to winning than just showing. There is hard work in the offseason, hours of studying in the before the game, and practice. Business in many ways is the exact same thing. You must plan and prepare successfully, put in long hours during the week, and you have constantly made sure that you are carrying out the plan set forth at the best of your ability. While making it as a Pro athlete is quite the accomplishment, winning at the highest level of your sport is a goal that is not reached by everyone in your sport. It is not enough to be in business, you want to always have your team striving to be the best. Athletes understand this at least as much as anyone, if not more. While motivation can be found in a number of different ways, sites like can provide an exciting and unique way to motivate your team.

There are many ways to obtain your goal as a business. Professional athletes are one of the more exciting ways to motivate your team to reach their full potential. A focus and motivate team can win the fourth quarter in the game or in the board room.