The benefits of one on one soccer training

Soccer training is a vital part of growing as a player. No decent soccer, or football, players get anywhere without a huge investment in terms of training, usually from a very young age. There are numerous opportunities for football training up and down the country, from local football clubs to soccer schools, as well as a simple kick about in the back garden.

The more varied the football training your child gets, the stronger their skills will be. One on one training can offer huge benefits, especially when done in addition to group training. Read on to find out why.

More focus on the individual

Soccer training normally takes place with large groups of children. They often have varying skill levels, are of varying ages and sizes and have completely different needs. Some children respond well to certain types of training, but others don’t. Some are able to focus as part of a group, and others need constant attention to keep their focus. One on one training offers children a full session of undivided attention. The coach or trainer can focus solely on that particular child’s needs, whether they need to improve their left leg, their dribbling or their passing.

Always in addition to group training

One on one soccer training should never fully replace group training. Group training is essential, as it teaches kids about teamwork, and can be great for building social skills. Creating a team atmosphere works across everything from your training sessions, social activities and even the Cheap Football Kits that you use from stockists such as If you players feel like one big team they will play like a team rather than as a group of individual players.

Football coaching, whether it’s in a group or one-on-one, is a huge part of football. If you’ve ever thought about getting into football coaching, the FA can help you further.

One on one soccer coaching can offer huge benefits, especially for a child with specific needs or those who perhaps lack confidence. Ideally, one on one soccer training should take place alongside group training. If you sign your child up to one on one soccer training, always make sure the coach has a fully enhanced DBS check, and look for reviews and recommendations from friends or family.