Watch BT Sport from Anywhere

If you love to watch sports and you are living in Britain, then you cannot live a day without watching BT sports, a channel that keeps you updated to the whole amazing things happening in the world of sports not only in great Britain but also across the globe. This channel provides its services only for the people of Great Britain, but due to its popularity, the people from all parts of the world like to watch it and the internet TV and the live streaming of this channel makes it possible for them to watch it with the help of BT SPORT VPN. So no matter where you are, whether you are on the go, or you are staying in some foreign area for long, you can enjoy the live streaming of this channel easily.

Getting the VPN for your sports channel is nothing difficult at all as you have access to the most amazing VPN names as PureVPN, a program that you can easily download from the internet to access the BT SPORT VPN. Wondering how to connect with the PureVPN on your device? Here is the simple three step approach to it.

  1. First you will have to subscribe to some premium plan of PureVPN from the website, choose from the several plans that suit your pocket and your demand
  2. Downloadand install PureVPN’s client that relates to your operating system (Mac, Windows, Android etc. ) on your device
  3. Now all you have to do is to open PureVPN on your device and login with your details to get started. Click connect and there you go.

Once you have gone through this simple process, accessing BT Sports would be something simple and easy for you that would be just a click or a tap of your finger away. This service is being used across the world by the sports fan to watch all kind of matches of their favorite teams all the time and the theory behind this software is to change your virtual location to some place in Britain so that the content that is otherwise invisible to you, becomes available for you.

How to watch BT sport on kodi?

The most amazing thing about PureVPN is that it runs on all the media streaming devices as well and it goes well with Kodi too. New to Kodi? Wondering how to watch BT sport on kodi? Well here we are to tell you that Kodi is a media player that is popular amongst those who love to stream live channels and programs on their devices. Kodi is one of a kind player that works on add-ons. Just like there is an app for everything that you run on your modern device, Kodi has an add-on for everything you like to play on it and so it does have an add-on for the BT Sports channel.

  1. Launch Kodi. And then Go to Add-ons and click the add-on installation icon located at top left.
  2. Now select Install from Repository.
  3. Here you will go to Kodi add-on repositoryVideo add-ons.
  4. Now click on BT Sport VideoInstall.
  5. Wait for the notification for Add-on enabled.
  6. Once you get the notification, you will go to the home screen and click on AddonsVideo addons.
  7. Now choose BT Sport Video to enjoy unlimited streaming of the live matches and sports shows that you love.

Now you won’t lose a single detail on your favorite sport/sports no matter where you are.