Randal Benjamin – Can Basketball Improve Mental Agility 

Mental agility is something that people lack today. The advent of technology and the Internet have made people mechanical. Life has become a routine, and they hardly find time to connect with themselves. Stress, work pressure, relationship issues and more have taken a toll on their mental health. The biggest issue that people face is hand-eye coordination. The reason being they spend most of their time at desk jobs working on computers. Their eyes are glued to the screen, and they refuse to go out and exercise. The human body needs exercise, or else it will be a storehouse of disease and illness that later become dominant in your life.

Basketball has the ability to improve hand-eye coordination and eliminate many mental issues. This sport helps you to move your whole body. It goes the extra mile when you are looking for good health. People today do not understand the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. This is why they later become victims of killer diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc. Randal Benjamin is a popular athlete in Las Vegas in Nevada. He loves playing basketball and is a fan of Oakland Raiders and LA Lakers. He says that basketball not only works on the physical health of a person- it also promotes their mental health as well. The game improves hand-eye coordination as you should always be aware of where the basketball is. You need to coordinate with your team-mates when you are playing the game. Moreover, you should be agile and proactive when it comes to game strategy and winning.

Inspire kids to take up basketball for a healthy and fit life

He says that kids should be inspired to take up basketball for a healthy and fit life. Children and teenagers should stop looking at their smartphones and chatting. They should go out and play. What can be better than better basketball with friends- he says. Basketball promotes social skills, and you are introduced to teamwork. The act of playing basketball with friends and other members of the community keep you mentally and physically aligned. The feel-good hormones in the brain called endorphins are activated, and you will notice a transformation in your physical health. You effectively are able to combat obesity and other dangerous diseases naturally. The sport is not an expensive one at all. You just need a basketball and basket nets to start playing.

Randal Benjamin says when you are dribbling with the basketball, you get to improve your hand-eye coordination. This means you effectively can improve your mental agility and sharpness naturally. If you have friends who love watching TV or chatting on the smartphone, take them out and play basketball with them. The sport is exciting and thrilling. It is better than sitting in front of the TV and chatting online with your friends. You get to meet your friends daily, and with regular basketball play and practice, all of you can improve mental and physical fitness to a great extent, he says.