Why do We Need to Shop at Our Local Gun Shops?

It looks like every week, there is another shop that is pulling gins, magazines, or ammo off their shelves to make anti-Second Amendment groups happy. These zealots blame the ills of today’s society on the country’s responsible gun owners. We do not know how everyone feels, but we are not particularly enthusiastic about handing over our money to a group that distrusts or downright despises firearm owners.

Not all big brands have turned their backs on firearm owners, and some organizations firmly support the country’s Second Amendment, but there are tons of benefits to buying your gun at your local gun shops. There is a good chance that there are community shops near you, and there are good reasons to buy weapons, ammo, magazines, and other accessories there.

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Local firearm shop owners know what they are selling

These may seem pretty obvious, but people can usually rely on the individual who owns a gun shop to know things about firearms. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance that they know tons about guns – what firearms individuals like, new models that are available, which specs are best for the buyer’s budget, and so forth.

These people can make intelligent and unbiased arguments when it comes to caliber selections, and they are not going to confuse a clip and a magazine. In short, these people know about firearms, they love them, and they can provide buyers a lot of information to help them make the right decision.

Individuals sometimes get that from the individual behind the counter at major chain stores, especially shops specializing in hunting and outdoor gear. Still, in most big-box shops, people are simply talking to whoever stands behind the counter that day.

Local shops offer services that big chain stores don’t

If you walk into community stores and ask them to swap out a pair of optics on your Springfield or Glock pistol, they will do it quickly, affordably, and correctly. Do not expect that in most major chains unless they are stores that focus on guns. A lot of local shops have backgrounds and experiences in gunsmithing, and that is something individuals will not get everywhere.

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Not only that, these stores can usually order firearms that people might not see on the shelves, and they sell used guns. A lot of enthusiasts are fans of shotguns and bolt-action rifles, and many individuals have yet to see pre-1964 Model 70 or old Ruger Red Labels gracing store shelves at big chain stores. There are exceptions, but a lot of these resellers only sell new firearms. There is nothing wrong with new guns, but a lot of individuals like classic weapons too.

People are supporting local enterprises that support their beliefs

When people purchase a gun from large brands, they are not sure where their money is going. But in community businesses, they are helping to support individuals who live in their community. Not only that, these shop owners usually support the Second Amendment. As much as possible, buyers prefer to know that their money goes into people who agree with their beliefs.

That is not to say that big resellers do not stand behind the right of firearm owners. Still, it is nice to know that they support the same individuals who purchase uniforms for the youth baseball league and sponsor community 4-H shooting teams.

Local businesses are an American tradition

When we were young and still too short to see the top of the counter, our grandfathers would take us into local weapon stores. There is a good chance that these gun shops are now closed for some reason. These businesses are hangouts for people in the community.

It was a meeting place where shooters and hunters could talk about firearms, pour over magazines, argue about community politics, as well as discuss their favorite sports teams, the weather, or topics that arose that day. As we grew older, we have learned that a lot of individuals that we crossed paths with had the same experience at similar local gun businesses.

That is one of the things we know about local entrepreneurs today. There is a dartboard or pool table in the corner, and locals are sitting around the premises, passing the time. There are honest discussions, as well as insights about firearms, cartridges, holster, and optic options, as well as every other facet of gun ownership. Every day, community businesses become live forums on topics usually related to guns. In a world where a lot of people’s conversations happen on the Internet, that is a welcoming change of pace.