NFL 21 – Super Bowl Past Players

The NFL 21 Super Bowl Past collection includes players such as Dont’a Hightower, Damien Williams, Bruce Irvin, Devonta Freeman, Robert Alford, and Jonathan Jones.

NFL 21 Super Bowl event comes with new items, sets, and challenges. Players are invited to take part in the challenges that will allow them to earn the items that are needed to complete sets. Twenty-two new player item cards are part of the first phase of the SB event. These are the players that you can earn in phase one that is called Past.

Dont’a Hightower is from the New England Patriots. He is a middle linebacker with 94 OVR and 86 speed, 88 acceleration, 80 agility, 84 strength, 82 jumping, 92 awareness, and 92 play recognition. Lane Johnson has the right tackle position. He is from the Philadelphia Eagles and his attributes are 78 speed, 86 acceleration, 74 agility, 86 strength, and 94 awareness. Johnson’s OVR is 94. Devonta Freeman is a player that has 93 OVR. He is with the New York Giants and his position is half back with 93 speed, 92 acceleration, 93 agility, 78 strength, and 88 jumping. Jaquiski Tartt represents the San Francisco 49ers. This strong safeties item with 93 OVR has 93 speed, 94 acceleration, 86 agility, 66 strength, 88 jumping, 90 awareness, and 90 play recognition. Damien Williams from the Kansas City Chiefs has 89 speed, 92 acceleration, 89 agility, 64 strength, and 82 jumping. He is a half back with 91 OVR. Bruce Irvin is another Super Bowl Past player with 91 OVR. The card depicts him playing for the Seattle Seahawks in the left outside linebacker position. The stats are 88 speed, 90 acceleration, 84 agility, 72 strength, 84 jumping, 89 awareness, and 89 play recognition. We have two 90 OVR item cards. One of them belongs to Jonathan Jones and shows him wearing the New England Patriots uniform. The position is corner back and the attributes are 93 speed, 93 acceleration, 83 agility, 60 strength, 86 jumping, 84 awareness, and 84 play recognition. The other 90 OVR player is wide receiver Alshon Jeffery from the Philadelphia Eagles. He comes with 88 speed, 86 acceleration, 85 agility, 77 strength, 91 jumping, and 84 awareness. J.R. Sweezy is a player from the Seattle Seahawks. His position is right guard and the stats are 72 speed, 80 acceleration, 64 agility, 81 strength, and 90 awareness. His OVR is 89. Robert Alford represents the Atlanta Falcons. He has 88 OVR with the corner back position. Alford’s stats are 92 speed, 92 acceleration, 89 agility, 59 strength, 93 jumping, 80 awareness, and 80 play recognition. Star Lotulelei is a defensive tackle from the Carolina Panthers. His OVR is 87 and the stats are 60 speed, 71 acceleration, 65 agility, 91 strength, 72 jumping, 83 awareness, and 83 play recognition. Joe Flaco is a quarterback from the New York Jets. His OVR is 86 and the attributes are 79 speed, 86 acceleration, 73 agility, 79 strength, and 59 jumping. Check out to buy Madden 21 coins!