Why You Should Buy a Golf Rangefinder

Did you take up golf recently and ask yourself what you need to do to improve? Have you been playing for a while, but think your performance varies significantly from round to round and would like to play more consistently? Have you got a whole set of new golf clubs and wonder what to spend on next? It’s a rangefinder that you need. This tool will enhance the control of your course and increase your scores in exchange.

What do I say by the administration of the course? Do you stand on each tee with driver in hand (except, of course, on the short par threes) and just blast off the fairway to find that you’re struggling to make a par? Are you on par fives regularly joining fairway bunkers? You need to think about your way around the golf course to become a more consistent player. The aim is not to see if you can hit the best shot every week, but to map your way around the course to keep out of trouble and place yourself in places for a good score.

A laser rangefinder or a good GPS unit is needed to do this. Preferably a GPS unit that has the ability to display more details than just the green distances and also allows you to record features of each hole that are especially useful to your game. You can get precise distances from your current location to the next major feature on the hole with a laser rangefinder. You’ve hit a good drive on a par five, for example, leaving you with a chance to get to the green in two but there’s a stream running across the fairway in front of the green. This is the 18th hole, and for your handicap, you are currently 2 under. You could get to 3 or 4 under if you play confidently and perhaps win the competition. Or you could just screw up the hole and end with an 8 that instead leaves you 1 over. You could still get a birdie to go 3 under if you play more conservatively. What are you going to do?

You might see how far it is to take the creek with a laser rangefinder or a GPS unit and calculate the odds of reaching the target. You could also decide which club to lay up before the creek leaves your desired distance with a pitching wedge to get near to that birdie’s pin and score. You now have all this knowledge at your fingertips with a laser rangefinder to make a better choice. Without it, so you presume. This is all about the administration of the school. You would be able to see how far it is to run out of fairway on the dog-leg par four with a laser rangefinder and then make a sensible decision about which club to hit from the tee rather than just grab the driver. When you can make these kinds of choices, the game and your performance will be more in charge. It’s going to make golf more enjoyable. You realize that you get the sensation after playing a good golf course. You will be able to experience this more often.

The speed of play is another reason to buy a rangefinder or GPS unit. Imagine how much time you could save if you had a computer that immediately told you the distance to the pin after your drive when you arrived at your shot. One of the main contributors to the length of time it takes to play a golf round is wandering around with the yard on it to reach a sprinkler head. When using a laser rangefinder or GPS device, a four-hour or less trip becomes much more feasible.

So what do you expect? It’s just a few clicks to make your golf game more enjoyable. Purchase a GPS or laser rangefinder today.